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pneuma floral & co.


"flowers don't tell, they show"

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 pneuma: (nuu-ma)
divine breath ; spirit 

Meet the Founder + Designer

Oryanna Alexandra is a passionate local and destination florist currently based in Newmarket, England.


Beauty in nature and the essence of creation inspires her and being blessed with the opportunity to create with naturalistic beauty is where she feels most fulfilled.

With a background in horticulture, Oryanna has over 10 years of experiences ranging from botanical science, landscape design, and floristry. She has also spent over a year practicing the Japanese art of Ikebana at Chozen-Ji Dojo, Hawai'i


With her immense love for flowers, pneuma floral & co. came to fruition--to share the effortlessness of God's glory through breathtaking floral pieces.

From heavenly scents to graceful colors--flowers continue to captivate her and bring her to a place of wonder. With one-of-a-kind pieces, she aims to share that wonder with the world.

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