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Flower gifts Work

In order to give you or your special someone the most beautiful + inspired floral arrangement we work with a designers choice system. Here's how that goes--

choose the perfect size

select the best fit from our 3 floral arrangement sizes and price points.


answer some questions

we'll ask questions about who the arrangement is for--like if they have favorite colors or flowers


we design & create freely

we'll use your answers and our expertise to design a customized one-of-a-kind floral arrangement for your special someone


free delivery

we'll deliver the beautiful arrangement straight to whoever it was created for with a note from you, depending on your location.


All sizes can be made into a hand tied bouquet upon request.

The Extravagance

a luxurious gift for someone you truly love

large custom floral arrangement
price $150

The Grand

a gorgeous floral arrangement for someone special

medium custom floral arrangement
price $65

The Dainty

the perfect 'just because' flowers

small custom floral arrangement
price $35


"Giving our clients the best, most inspired floral designing experience is our top priority."

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